India: Internet Censorship

Update 11-Jan-2015:
Ban lifted for some of the websites.
Order released to unblock all 32 websites. I am glad to hear that, but what a good waste of time and effort.

Update 01-Jan-2015:
32 websites blocked by the orders of the India's DoT (Department of Telecom). The reasons given are not just silly, but completely idiotic.

Update: 06-June-2012:
Not surprisingly, they are now a target of a DoS attack from Anonymous.

Update: May-2012:
ISP's have been asked to block video sharing websites (like vimeo), and many torrent sites. Seems like the intent is to protect the film industry.

Update: Jan-2012:
Will India follow China and censor the internet? The story

What the government says:

The big threat for the [internet] companies at the moment is a lawsuit in a New Delhi trial court, which seeks to hold them and several other websites criminally liable for not censoring online content, including material that mocks or criticizes religious and political figures.

What the truth could actually be:
Some analysts and lawyers also say the Indian government is stepping up its enforcement of the Web at a time when public outrage over corruption and political dysfunction is spilling into blog posts, Facebook pages and Tweets.

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