Proxies For Secure Web Browsing

Does your office block out access to personal email accounts, social networking sites, etc?

Have you ever wanted to check your email or log on to your bank account but the only available internet connection was an unsecured wifi or a publicly shared network (like at cybercafes and airports).

Well for security freaks like us it is not really hard to keep ourselves safe. All we need to do is setup an old PC at home, to act as a proxy (or a hop off point to the internet). Once that is done, you can use an untrusted system or internet connection to establish a secure connection to your home PC and then browse to the net.

There are a number of softwares available out there to accomplish this:

(1) Psiphon: Really simple and straight forward to install. Perfect for beginners and newbies.

(2) VNC: A very useful and feature packed, open source tool.

Update 30-Jun-15:
Note: the free proxies may not be really "free", and may be forcing a HTTP (unencrypted session for malicious purposes). Another post, more geared towards TOR


Anonymous said...

Hi Kunal, I think the correct link for Psiphon is

KunSeh said...

Thank you for the correction, dear anonymous user