Google Chat Delivered To Wrong People!!

A big kick to the Big G - For about 2 days, Google chat messages were being delivered to the wrong people, thanks to some bug in their software.


Google knows YOUR WiFi Password!

Google has access to clear-text wifi passwords. Now considering there are 900 Million+ android devices, and each device would have multiple wifi passwords stored on them - do the maths!
Meaning all the good folks at NSA need to do is but send a request to Google asking for the wifi password of anyone, so that they could snoop in on their computers



New Bank Hacking Plot

Now we have some guys who try to break into a bank, by installing a supposedly KVM switches, for the employees, but which could transmit keyboard strokes and computer screen! Now, that's new


South Korean systems attacked

North Korean hackers attack South Korea.

Internet Security Threat Report 2013

A report by Symantec

Evolution of Hacking

How hacking techniques have (not) evolved in the last 30 years or so. An interesting article.
  • Hackers have changed very little since the 1980s (there have always been moral and immoral hackers)
  • Hacking technologies have changed very little
  • Motivations have changed very little (it has always been for fun or profit)
  • Opportunities have changed dramatically


Social Engineering Attacks

Articles like these remind us that attacks are not always about technical knowledge and finding vulnerabilities. A smart guy, armed with just a phone, can do equally serious damage.