Using Twitter as a Botnet Command Channel

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about Twitter, here comes another surprise..!!

Brazilian ID thieves are using Twitter streams to send commands to their botnets. The bots are programmed to monitor RSS feeds from these Twitter accounts.

Sounds pretty innovative, right?


Analyzing Tr.im's Sad Demise

www.Tr.im, a popular URL shortening service, is shutting down its business. Hence, in a few months from now, all the tr.im links over the internet may die.

So, this makes me wonder:
  1. What is going to happen in case more and more of these types of services go out of business? Ever wondered how that could adversely affect our "World Wide Web"? How frustrating it would be to not be able click and navigate to the useful links we find, in gazillions of blogs, whitepapers, news articles, etc. over the net?
  2. What if a spammer or a hacker buys the domain name after tr.im (or another similar service) ends its ownership? Instead of killing all the tr.im URLs on the internet, he may decide to point them to any malicious website of his choice!
This just goes on to prove that our internet still needs some more time to mature and be a smarter and safer place to hangout.