Nine Great Uses for Private Browsing

Some benefits of using private browsing

To launch a window in private browsing mode:

  • Chrome and Opera: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Firefox, Internet Explorer: Ctrl+Shift+P


BSNL Hacked

BSNL's domain:  http://bsnl.co.in/tender1/   has been hacked by a Pakistani group.
Wonder how this so called "cyber-terrorism" really help!!??


Here's a tool to perform a DoS attack on a web-server over SSL

Microsoft's YouTube Channel Hijacked

This is just plain funny - helps us remember that sometimes the basics are what we forget to check and secure.


You may have heard for FireSheep which is a Firefox plugin for easily hijacking sessions of the poor, unsuspecting victims on the network.

Here comes DroidSheep which does the same on Android platform!


Social Engineering, the USB Way

A little outdated story, but still a good to remember around how gullible people are, and why people are for sure the weakest link in security.


Sony: Setting an example for all APTs

In case you have been living under a rock, and are not aware of the Sony hacks, this article is for you. Basically, after the first few hacks I lost count, but seems like Sony was hacked a whooping 21 times between Apr-2011 and July-2011 (wow!)

Update: 12-Oct-11
     Only a few hours after my post, Sony has declared that they have been hacked one more time

Dirty little secrets revealed by ethical hackers

A good read

Anonymous 'hacktivists' briefly take down NYSE.com

A DDoS attack for about 2 minutes, wonder how much $ loss does that translates into..!!

Security For Laptops

A good article for the physical and data security of laptops

Blackberry Outage Across 4 continents

Why isn't RIM being up-front, by informing their users why their service is unavailable? I wonder if they got hacked and are just too embarrassed to say it..!!

Update @ 14-Oct:
After a 4 day outage, the services have been restored. RIM says this was because of the failure of a switch. Hmmm....
Update @ 27-Oct:
RIM hit with consumer lawsuits over BlackBerry outage