DarkSide Ransomware Group Donates $10,000 to Charities

This is out of the ordinary, it is common for cyber-criminals to try stolen credit-cards on charity websites. But what could be the motive behind sending bitcons to charities!?



Restarting my blog

Over the last few years, I realized that most of my blog's followers were looking at my content via my LinkedIn profile. Hence, I stopped using the Blogger platform and moved all my content over to LinkedIn. This is the reason there are no posts from me after July 2017. So, after a long hiatus, I put the life back in my Blogger platform.  

From today, I wish to change this. I will try and post all my content on both these platforms: LinkedIn and Blogger. This will help keep my content at one central place (here) and the mirror on Linkedin (or even Twitter) will help my readers still be able to find my content.

My LinkedIn profile is here.


Police Takeover of Darknet Markets

Seems like the underground markets are in serious trouble.
a Canadian citizen living in Thailand was arrested in that country and is believed to have committed suicide while in custody after international authorities — including police here — worked to close the AlphaBay criminal marketplace on the Dark Web
AlphaBay's takeover

The users of AlphaBay flocked started migrating over to the Hansa Market, which was already under the control of the Dutch police!

An interesting police intereview

There are rumors that Dream Market may also already be under the police control.


FBI arrests NSA Data Leaker

...  unfortunately, it seems like Winner was not aware of the fact "that most new printers print nearly invisibly yellow dots that track down exactly when and where documents, any document, is printed ...


WannaCry Ransomware

  • A good article detailing what this is about.
  • The "hero" who reserved the domain name to halt the spread.
  • Variations start emerging, and more expected soon.
  • Suspected links to North Korea
  • A beginners guide to what this is all about
  • Profits Finally Hit $100,000
  • Can be decrypted -- well sort of - in some conditions