Introducing e-stonia

For tech companies wondering where to setup their HQ, Estonia seems to be a good (and fair) place to consider.

Its offering is a location-independent, hassle-free and fully digital economic and financial environment for anyone who needs it. The company is managed by its owners themselves, not nominal “directors.”
Where exactly are the taxes paid, at the end of the day? “Taxes must be paid where the value was created” 


Receive SMS - without actually owning the number

There are lots of websites which ask you for a mobile phone number, and send a sms verification. Top 10 websites which are useful to find a disposable number.


BeautifulPeople.com Leaks 1.1 M records

After Ashley Madison, another dating website hit!
BeautifulPeople.com Leak has exposed 1.1 million customer records, including 15 million private messages sent between users. It seems like the records are for sale on the shadier parts of the web and actively being traded by those who trade these kind of things.