Diving Underground - A Research

I have been researching the underground e-markets, or the dark-corners of the web (as it is popularly called) for a while now.

As I dig deeper, what I keep finding is just jaw-dropping. From drugs, to money laundering services, to pirated softwares, games, books, name it and it is here. Which is nothing new, I am sure web has been famous for that for a while now. The only reason I am surprised is that how easy it is becoming to commit an online fraud.

Update 20-Feb-2016:
Trying to finding tor websites, why not try Quora?


Full Disclosure list shuts down

This is the end of an era, with a sad (troubled?) farewell.

Update 26-Mar-2014:
And it is back (lol), but with a new moderator.


Google's DNS compromised

Google's famous (& free) DNS hijacked (IP =, for 22 mins!

On March 16, the network security company BGPmon reported that Google's Public DNS server,, was hijacked for Internet users in Brazil and Venezuela for 22 minutes. During this so-called MiM attack, anyone seeking a Web site, e-mail server, or the like was redirected to a site belonging to British Telecomm's Latin America division. The assault seems to have been result of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacking.

Update 30-Mar-2014:
Turkish ISP's take over Google DNS

US To Hand Over Control of Internet Domain Names

What? USA is letting go of their control?!
Real? or bluff after Prism?

After 16 years of being in control of a large portion of the Internet, the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is handing over oversight of the Domain Name System (DNS) to another organization. 

A class action law-suit, for victims of stolen personal data

Now this is progression in the right direction. Ensuring organizations assuming liability for digital negligence!

The Dec. 2009 theft of laptops belonging to AvMed, a Florida-based health insurer, exposed the patient records of tens of thousands of its customers.
The plaintiffs suffered no direct losses or identity theft from the breach but nevertheless accused AvMed of negligence, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment


Sim card based end-to-end encryption

In collaboration with its security partner Giesecke & Devrient which is an international leader in mobile security solutions, Vodafone is offering an end-to-end encryption for mobile communication based on the phone SIM card.
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Google Maps Create Fake Listings

Google calls this spam, but I am thinking this could be more damaging. Create any fake business, go over Google's verification, and voila - till the time it is flagged down as spam, your business is up!