China Launches 'Hack-Proof' Satellite

QUESS will send messages to ground stations using entangled photons, Xinhua reported. Such a system is theoretically impossible to hack. In addition, any attempts to eavesdrop would be picked up via an induced change in the photons' state.

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Car Thieves Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens With A Simple Wireless Hack

Next time when you leave your car in a parking lot, make sure you don't leave your valuables in it, especially if it's a Volkswagen. What's more worrisome?

Windows Secure Boot: Insecure by design and mostly likely can't be fixed

Encryption backdoors don’t work; the latest proof of that was discovered by security researchers Slipstream and MY123. This time, the security flub-up involves “golden keys” which can unlock Windows devices allegedly protected by Secure Boot.


Fake LinkedIn Profiles

I am not sure why but I receive way too many connection requests from fake profiles. Take for instance the following request, seemingly coming from a "Gabriella Kimber" in Germany, who in fact owns a premium account with LinkedIn, and has 414 connections (at the time of writing this post).

A simple Google photo search reveals, this photo has been taken as is from the G+ profile (link) of Lika Roman, who is actually Miss Ukraine 2007 (wikipedia).

I am sure a pretty woman's photograph is put up to attract attention, but still what's their end goal here? What do they aim to gain from such fake accounts?


KickassTorrents Busted

KAT counts more than 50 million unique monthly visitors and is estimated to be the 68th most frequently visited website on the internet


200M yahoo accounts for sale for $1800

The hacker, who goes by the pseudonym "Peace" or "peace_of_mind," has uploaded 200 Million Yahoo! credentials up for sale on an underground marketplace called The Real Deal for 3 Bitcoins (US$1,824).