Spoofing Caller ID

How to spoof caller ID, on a telephone call? Here is a website providing free (almost) service.


Microsoft Decides Not To Patch BEAST

It looks like Microsoft originally had a patch for the BEAST vulnerability, but for some reason they have withdrawn it for the December Patch Tuesday.
Both BEAST and Duqu are pretty nasty malware, I’d guess seen as though they’ve already fixed the BEAST problem – they just need to work on compatibility issues – that we’ll definitely be seeing the patch rolled out in the January Patch Tuesday.
Full story is here.
Ahhh, remind me what is BEAST?


Downloading Torrents - How anonymous are you?

Well, it isn't a secret, that browsing on the net isn't anonymous. Here is a website that tracks all the torrents downloaded by you.

PS:  Not sure on the accuracy/reliability of the website. 


Serious Security Flaw in Skype

The researchers found several properties of Skype that can track not only users' locations over time, but also their peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing activity, according to a summary of the findings on the NYU-Poly web site.
Full story is here.


Google's Income

Okay, this may not be totally linked to IT Security, but here is an interesting comparison what Google earns.

Should infected computers be prevented from connecting to the internet?

Last year, Microsoft’s Scott Charney wrote that "we need to improve and maintain the health of consumer devices connected to the Internet. This will benefit not only users, but also the IT ecosystem as a whole. To realize this vision, governments, the IT industry and Internet access providers should ensure the health of consumer devices before granting them unfettered access to the internet."

2011 A Hacking Recap

2011 has been called the year of the hack....

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"?

A very famous Latin phrase meaning, "Who will guard the guards"?
Here is a study that says 25% of the IT Security staff, break their own rules...!

Here is another article that talks about how IT Staff are also a risk to an organization:
With great privilege comes great responsibility


Cyberspace spending on the rise

That's good to know

How to drive the IT steering committee forward

A good post

p0isAnon is born, steal from the rich, and give to the poor

In its latest escapade dubbed Operation Robin Hood, Anonymous is vowing to steal credit cards and use them to donate money to charities and the “99%” of people who are poor.
To accomplish this, Anonymous felt it necessary to team with TeaMp0isoN to form p0isAnon. They even developed a new logo with the Anonymous “mask” on a green and black background.