Citi Bank's Woes

So, Citi Bank's been in trouble for a long time now, and doesn't seem as if they have publically announced any major measures they may have taken to improve the security

Citigroup hack exploited easy-to-detect web flaw

Citigroup: Customer losses from hack attack reaches $2.7M


War of the patents

Okay the story started with Google complaining how Microsoft, Oracle and Apple are being hostile, by forming a consortium and jointly purchasing the Nortel's patents. Google claims they are charging a hefty fee to their brainchild and free, open-source Android OS.

Goes without saying, Microsoft made an awesome comeback by saying they had invited Google to be part of their consortium to begin with.

On the other hand, Microsoft and Apple fans seem to be upset by this, and are retaliating, by saying Google has always been an unfair player and has been misusing their dominance in the search market.

Update 15-Aug:
Google has purchased Motorola Mobillity, at a 63% premium and that too in cash, and just for one reason - to improve their patent portfolio.

The New Era Of Trojans

The malware is becoming smarter and smarter. The new variants know how to fool people, and steal their money..!

Browser Wars - How browsers make money

A very interesting article around the economics of a browser

RSA Hack

Here is my take on what is going on with RSA. After the well publicized attack on RSA, it is really important to know what the next step is to protect your organizations.

This article was published in the CHMag's Aug-2011 edition.

Update 07-Dec-11:  Here is an article that agrees with me, that SMS (text messages) based tokens are a far better option.


Microsoft's Bug Bounty

Microsoft today launched a $250,000 contest for researchers who develop defensive security technologies that deal with entire classes of exploits.

Anonymity on Internet

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog..!! Is that really true today?

How important is anonymity on the internet?

Internet users (or should I say netizens) take their online privacy for granted. The direction in which internet is heading, this may really become a thing of the past.

Laws are becoming more and more stringent when it comes to the details ISP's need to record for their users
Facebook is advocating killing of anonymity
Google has already forbidden creating of pseudonyms on Google+
On the other hand China has always had a very locked down, censored internet laws