Europol and ICE seize 132 domain names

Looks like USA is tightening security by forcefully taking over domain names.

GoDaddy's DNS Servers Hijacked

"In this current spate of attacks, criminals are exploiting DNS by hacking the DNS records of sites, adding one or more additional subdomains with corresponding DNS entries (A records) referencing malicious IP addresses. The legitimate hostname resolves to the legitimate IP address, but the added sub-domains resolve to rogue servers." The upshot is that hackers can thus hijack the DNS to create legitimate-looking URLs in phishing attacks, evading security filtering and tricking users into thinking the content must be safe
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HoneyDrive – Honeypots In A Box

A ready virtual image, with ready OS for a honeypot.

Former CIA director's affair gets caught via his gmail account

Height of irony, the USA's CIA director was unable to protect his email communication. Well he did put in place a few measures, but apparently not good enough.

First, Patraeus set up a dummy account. And second, it's been reported that Petraeus and Broadwell never actually sent any emails to each other. Rather, the two relied on a strategy that has previously been used by terrorists in an effort to keep investigators off the scent.
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Anonymous Hackers Leaked document of 5000 Israeli Officials

Anonymous has published document of 5000 Israeli officials.  1.3Mb size HTML file has been uploaded here wikisend.com .  It contains name, address, phone number , ID Number and email address.
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Georgia hacks their haker

This is unprecedented.  The formal report from the Govt is here.

The nation of Georgia, fed up with persistent cyber-spying attacks, published photos of a Russia-based hacker who it alleged waged a persistent, months-long campaign that stole confidential information from Georgian government ministries, parliament and banks. (Photo: Cert.gov.ge)

$1 Million stolen from Citibank's ATM

A very organised gang, opened fake checking accounts, with some seed money, and then would withdraw that same amount multiple times, across various locations, all within 60 seconds.


Indian Defence Org Hacked

Sounds embarrassing.

Windows 8 Launched... Countdown for the first hack!

Update: 01-Mar-2012:
Windows 8 has been officially been released:

Update 15-Oct-2012:
There have been some news that this OS is storing passwords in clear text. I have not been able to find too many details. So, hopefully there will be some updates from the big MS. Personally, I hope they have not goofed up this bad. Now, there is also a French tool, which would help script-kiddies point and click and crack passwords.

Update 01-Nov-2012:
Less than a week after the official go-live, Vupen finds a 0-day