GitHub was indeed attacked by Chinese Govt

Cyber crime is usually very hard to attribute to any entity or government. In this case, it should be safe to conclude that the Chinese government was behind this.

Security Maturity Level

A CMMI type methodology - cybersecurity maturity level of an organization.

Download Google Search History

A wonderful way of reminding yourself, on what Google saves about yourself, and why you must turn off this feature immediately.


Introducing Dyre Wolf

An innovative and daring technique to steal money - using a malware and a call-center team!

While many popular banking Trojans have targeted individuals, Dyre has always been used to target organizations. Since its start in 2014, Dyre has evolved to become simultaneously sophisticated and easy to use, enabling cybercriminals to go for the bigger payout.

Introducing China's APT30

I am taking this with a pinch of salt, till I hear some better evidence :
FireEye claims to have uncovered the suite of tools that APT30 used to steal data over the last 10 years ... from air-gapped networks
Maybe similar to how BitWhisper works??!!

Indian telco decides money is more important than net neutrality

It's a pity when telcos take advantage of their position and decide what websites will or will not be made available to the users. I hope the regulators step in here, and use some common sense.

Update 16-Jul-15:
Better sense prevails, and the government's committee makes a 'recommendation' to not go this route.

Update 22-Jul-15:
A surprising outcome from this review: making VOIP calls from India to other countries is okay, but such calls within the country should be charged !?

Update 09-Feb-16:
Relief and happy with the Indian government sector - FB's Free Basics Banned!

CyberSecurity in the year 2020

An interesting report from Trend Micro, around how the world would like in the year 2020.


Uber Hack, caused by accidentally uploading of an internal password

GitHub acts as a collaborative repository for users’ code and projects. They can upload what they’re working on to share their progress, or even work together. But in a serious blunder, an Uber employee uploaded an internal password to the site. With this password, it was possible to access sensitive details on more than 50,000 of Uber’s drivers
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China reveals existence of their cyber-army

Surprise! Surprise! China has a military division to manage a cyber-army.

In the latest updated edition of a PLA publication called The Science of Military Strategy, China finally broke its silence and openly talked about its digital spying and network attack capabilities and clearly stated that it has specialized units devoted to wage war on computer networks. China has three types of operational military units:
  1. Specialized military forces to fight the network
  2. Groups of experts from civil society organizations 
  3. External entities