No More Ransom

Europol in collaboration with others have introduced a simple portal to provide all know antidotes to the common cryptoware out there:   https://www.nomoreransom.org/

Update 29-Jul-2016:
Victims of the Chimera ransomware were thrown a lifeline this week after a rival malware author appeared to leak the decryption keys online.
Kudos to competing hackers as well?!


UK: CyberCrime overtakes Physical Crime

The ONS estimated that there were 2.46 million cyber incidents and 2.11 million victims of cyber crime in the U.K. in 2015,” the report’s authors wrote. 

Personally I do not think cyber-crime is materially worse in UK. I think they are tracking and recording it better, and most important the awareness has improved in the country. However, still an eye opener !

Link 1 & Link 2


Forgetting to renew domain names

TP-Link, who manufactures routers, has forgotten to renew it's 2 domains names, which is widely used. This has now been jacked by someone, who is selling it for $ 2.5 M.
These domain names appear to be quite busy; estimates based on Alexa's ranking suggest that tplinklogin-dot-net sees about 4.4 million visits per month, with another 800,000 for tplinkextender-dot-net.
Seems like TP-Link is not at all interested in buying back those domains ... updating its manuals to remove the domain name references altogether.
This is an ideal way for someone to create spoof website, with a target audience of millions !


Ethereum DAO Hack

The hack makes me think about the reliability of crypto-currency. If we go with the assumption that there is no bug-free software, it is always only a matter of time (hence patching is of utmost importance), then how do we have our faith in bitcoins or any other altcoins?

How can they recover the stolen money? They can't -- at least not without destroying the entire principle of cryptocurrencies

Am very curious to see what this community decides to do now. Hack details.

A synopsis of the hack and the Robin Hood hack.