Tor & Sony Playstation DDoS-ed

More troubles for Sony, as their PSN gets DDoS-ed on xmas day! The same group (called Lizard Squad) also attacks Tor - enough to cause a scare and force them to issue a warning.

Some information on Lizard Squad - seems like some kids seeking attention (which is common for DDoS attacks). However, since they have been giving interviews to BBC, we maybe looking at an arrest in the making.

More information out. The sqad is offering DDoS services for a fee. However, the whole setup looks amateurish. Back to my earlier thoughts, that the group seems only minimally competent, and looking for some lime-light.

Update 10-Jan-15:
Not surprisingly two members of the squad get arrested.


Security in Cloud Hosting

As IT Security professionals, we are usually quick to sign-off cloud security providers citing data-privacy and/or confidentiality concerns. However, that may not really be true any more. Things are changing and some service providers may even end up providing an orgnaization better security than their in-house data centers.

An article that seem to agree.


ICANN Hacked

Not the worse news we have heard this month, but surely another embarrassment. Simply said, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit organization that is responsible for managing the internet.


Alibaba Websites at risk

I am not very surprised here. Alibaba has been in the limelight since they decided to launch an IPO. I am guessing more eyes are now looking on their websites. Some issues here and here.

Smart-watches compromised

Some bluetooth connected watches checked, and apparently they share data with the phones in clear text. This sounds plain dumb. I am surprised this wasn't discovered sooner.


Finally an easy [no] captcha!

Introducing No CAPTCHA, from Google. It's super simple for humans, and is even more secure against bots.