Disable webcam light on Windows

There were some news in the recent past of govt and hackers (both!) hacking and using a person's own webcam to spy on him. The question was how they keep the webcam light switched off while this is done. Here's how on windows.


Anonymous plays Robin Hood on Xmas!!

Kudos to them!
TeamBerserk hacktivists launch #opBerserkChristmas, a campaign to buy 'thoughtful gifts' for the unfortunate paid for with credit cards belonging to naughty government officials, politicians and corporations.


Rogue certs for Google domains issued!

Update 10-Dec-13:
An intermediate certificate authority (CA) registered to the French Ministry of Finance issued rogue certificates for several Google domains without authorization. Link



Sandboxie enables you to easily sandbox your browser and other programs, it runs your applications in an isolated abstraction area called a sandbox