Terrorism blacklist of 2.2 M people leaked

.. came across a “terrorism blacklist” which contains the names of 2.2 million “heightened-risk individuals and organizations. The terrorism category is only a small part of the database. Other categories consist of individuals suspected of being related to money laundering, organized crime, bribery, corruption, and other unsavory activities.


Cyberspace is a New Domain for War

We have known this for a while, just good to see this is now formalized.
The North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO) has officially declared that cyberspace is a domain for war, placing it alongside the traditional battlegrounds of land, sea and air.


A 0-day that impacts ALL Windows Versions

A Russian website is selling a 0-day, for a meager $ 90K. This impacts a potential 1.5 B Windows users !

There are 2 videos to provide a POC.

Details Here

Myspace & VK lose customer records

VK lost 100 M user records; and MySpace lost 427 M.
VK's dump is being sold for a measly 1 BTC (USD 570).