HSBC Under Attack

They say, it's a standard DDoS attack, with no threat to client data.... Makes me wonder if there is anything else going on, with the DDoS acting as a smoke screen.


Cybercriminal Call Centers

There is no limit to how organized the cyber-crime is getting
Crooks who make a living via identity theft schemes, dating scams and other con games often run into trouble when presented with a phone-based challenge that requires them to demonstrate mastery of a language they don’t speak fluently. Enter the criminal call center, which allows scammers to outsource those calls to multi-lingual men and women who can be hired to close the deal.


Introducing: Diskpart

Ever thought of having a virtual drive on your Windows PC? Instead of partitioning your hard-disk, how about a virtual container, which would be completely portable and can be carried to any Windows PC?

No special downloads needed: DiskPart is build into Windows. This batch file could help speed things up a bit. If security is of a concern, you could easily use Bitlocker to encrypt the entire drive.


Introducing Red Star OS

In case people think PRISM is a concern to the citizen's privacy, here is a look into the Red Star OS. It's a state sponsored (North Korea) custom version of linux:
Red Star tackles this by tagging, or watermarking, every document or media file on a computer or on any USB stick connected to it. That means that any file can be traced back to the person who had previously opened or created the file.