Disable webcam light on Windows

There were some news in the recent past of govt and hackers (both!) hacking and using a person's own webcam to spy on him. The question was how they keep the webcam light switched off while this is done. Here's how on windows.


Anonymous plays Robin Hood on Xmas!!

Kudos to them!
TeamBerserk hacktivists launch #opBerserkChristmas, a campaign to buy 'thoughtful gifts' for the unfortunate paid for with credit cards belonging to naughty government officials, politicians and corporations.


Rogue certs for Google domains issued!

Update 10-Dec-13:
An intermediate certificate authority (CA) registered to the French Ministry of Finance issued rogue certificates for several Google domains without authorization. Link



Sandboxie enables you to easily sandbox your browser and other programs, it runs your applications in an isolated abstraction area called a sandbox


Anti-Fraud Service for Fraudsters

How do the bad guys ensure they don't get defrauded?!

GitHub gets a brute force attack

While we aggressively rate-limit login attempts and passwords are stored properly, this incident has involved the use of nearly 40K unique IP addresses. 
The official post


Bitcoin Banks hacked

The site claimed to be "one of the most secure web wallets on the market" and charged customers a small fee to store their coins.
$ 1.3M stolen  

Update 14-Nov-2013:
Bitcash.cz now hacked and 4000 coins stolen!

Update 30-Nov-2013:
A Danish exchange now goes down and lose 1295 coins!
At the same time the cost of 1 coin crosses $1200!

Update 01-Dec-2013:
Virtual Currency Explained (Like You're an Idiot)
Another very good explanation. How the protocol works.

Update 08-Dec-2013:
Another site [Sheep Marketplace] gets hacked of bitcoins. Or is this a case of the website owner stealing them?

Update 14-Feb-2014:
SilkRoad 2 hacked and robbed of $2.7M. How did the Feds find the identity of their servers - via reCaptcha!

Update 19-Feb-2014:
What's going on at Mt. Gox

Update 25-Feb-2014:
Mt Gox shuts down! Bitcoin-stealing malware hidden in Mt. Gox
History of Bitcoin

Update 08-Mar-2014:
Bitcoin creator found? Turned out to be false

Update 22-Mar-2014:
Mt Gox 'finds' $100m worth of coins?

Update 26-Apr-2014:
Physical debit cards for bitcoin

Update 01-May-2014:
MIT Students Look To Jumpstart Bitcoin Economy

Update 15-Sep-15:
Seems like Mt Gox case, isn't about hacking/malware, but about embezzlement. Former founder and CEO has been arrested in Japan.

Update 08-Dec-15:
Internet now believes that a Craig Steven Wright, from Australia, is the mastermind behind BitCoin (the Nakamoto). His house got raided, and he is under arrest now.

Update 03-May-16:
Craig comes out and admits he is Nakamoto. We also have skeptics who (very convincingly) believe this is just a lie.

Update 07-May-16:
Woh, Craig backtracks, and takes down his blog which he kept over the years. All there is now a goodbye message.

Update Feb-2017:
Zerocoin loses $585 K because of a bug in their code.


Culprit of corporate wide infections

Who is the biggest culprit when it comes to corporate wide infections? It's the senior management!!
ThreatTrack found that bosses, or senior leadership, end up with malware on their PC or mobile device by:
56% clicked on a malicious link in a phishing email.
47% attached an infected device to a corporate PC.
45% let a familiy member uses a company computer.
40% surfed to a malware-infected porn site.
33% installed a malicious app.


A passive Server Reconnaissance Scanner

Anonymous attacks Singapore

Anonymous defaces PM's website, and attacks others. Youtube video here
This is apparently being done to protest against the new law, which aims to control and police online news

This was fast! Some arrests have been made now


Spike in traffic with TCP source port zero

Someone's going after TCP port 0. Some new kind of reconnaissance is in progress - heads-up!

PCI DSS gets updated

Finally an updated version for the so-called de-facto standard for the credit card industry.
The new version will go into effect on Jan. 1, but organizations will have until Dec. 31, 2014, to make the transition from PCI DSS 2.0. In addition, some of the new security requirements will have the status of best practices until June 30, 2015.


Pres Obama gets pwned

URL shortening service of twitter was hijacked, to point Obama's URL's to a youtube video on Syrian terrorism. The motive:
"Obama doesn't have any ethical issues with spying on the world, so we took it upon ourselves to return the favor"


Lock your PC before leaving your desk!

As security professionals, it is extremely hard to educate users for basic security awareness. The simplest being, locking their PC (Windows Key + L), before leaving their desks. Here are some hilarious pranks to run on such users, to educate them (AKA teach them a lesson)!


AVG and WhatsApp hacked by Palestinian Hackers

It is always embarrassing when security companies get hacked! AVG joins that (not so) elite club. WhatsApp is pretty known to have security holes, so no news there.


Your corporate network is already compromised

A very interesting article from Troy. Good to know about Dedicatexpress, who sells RDP access to the servers of various companies. A cisco's server was available for $4.55!

Yahoo Reluctantly Joins A Bug Bounty Program

Seems like a half-hearted super-late plan from Yahoo


Adobe Hacked!

Hackers stole (hopefully) encrypted credit card data from Adobe. The hack apparently took place around 11-Sep, but was only 'recently' discovered!
Moreover, 40 GB of source code of Adobe products have been stolen as well. Which means we can now expect even more sophisticated malware

Update 29-Oct-2013:
3 million encrypted customer credit card records stolen. At least 38 Million users impacted. More details

Update 10-Nov-2013:
"Operation Hangover" based in India, and used a zero-day Microsoft vulnerability that has been patched now.


Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

I was requested by PacktPub to review a book on Penetration Testing (using Kali). The book is now published and available here.


Google Chat Delivered To Wrong People!!

A big kick to the Big G - For about 2 days, Google chat messages were being delivered to the wrong people, thanks to some bug in their software.


Google knows YOUR WiFi Password!

Google has access to clear-text wifi passwords. Now considering there are 900 Million+ android devices, and each device would have multiple wifi passwords stored on them - do the maths!
Meaning all the good folks at NSA need to do is but send a request to Google asking for the wifi password of anyone, so that they could snoop in on their computers



New Bank Hacking Plot

Now we have some guys who try to break into a bank, by installing a supposedly KVM switches, for the employees, but which could transmit keyboard strokes and computer screen! Now, that's new


South Korean systems attacked

North Korean hackers attack South Korea.

Internet Security Threat Report 2013

A report by Symantec

Evolution of Hacking

How hacking techniques have (not) evolved in the last 30 years or so. An interesting article.
  • Hackers have changed very little since the 1980s (there have always been moral and immoral hackers)
  • Hacking technologies have changed very little
  • Motivations have changed very little (it has always been for fun or profit)
  • Opportunities have changed dramatically


Social Engineering Attacks

Articles like these remind us that attacks are not always about technical knowledge and finding vulnerabilities. A smart guy, armed with just a phone, can do equally serious damage.


Zmap the fast scanner

ZMap is capable of performing a complete scan of the IPv4 address space in under 45 minutes, approaching the theoretical limit of gigabit Ethernet.

Update 15-Sep-13:
Another nice tool to scan the internet. Claims to scan the internet in under 3 mins.


Gmail says users have no right to privacy

This is plain ridiculous.
Google said that "just as a sender of a letter to a business colleague cannot be surprised that the recipient's assistant opens the letter, people who use Web-based e-mail today cannot be surprised if their communications are processed by the recipient's ECS provider in the course of delivery." 


Economics of CyberCrime

Update 03-May-2012:
Microsoft Researchers say cybercrime loss estimates are a bunch of bunk. In "Sex, Lies and Cybercrime Surveys", the Microsoft Researchers wrote, "Cyber-crime, like sexual behavior, defies large-scale direct observation and the estimates we have of it are derived almost exclusively from surveys." The research paper concludes. 
Pretty Interesting

Update 08-Oct-2012:
As per, "The 2012 Cost of Cyber Crime Report", some highlights:
  • The frequency of successful cyber attacks has more than doubled over the last three years
  • The annual cost to organizations has slowed dramatically in the last two years
  • The average time to resolve a successful attack has grown from 14 days in 2010, through 18 days in 2011, to 24 days in 2012
  • Most costly cyber crimes are those caused by malicious insiders, denial of services, and malicious code

Update 14-Aug-2013:
Another good post on a similar subject of - CyberCrime as a service.

Update 01-Sep-2013:
A report based on "The econimic impact of cybercrime and cyber espionage", dated July-2013


How To Use Tor?

I thought it would be good to read about how to use Tor correctly. It's important to note, that by itself Tor is an extremely good project to protect privacy. It is not perfect, and has some potential loopholes. Usually, the issue lies with the applications users try to run on top of Tor. Intentionally or unintentionally they end up giving away the privacy.

However, till the time there is a 'better' solution made available, let's say this is the best we have!!

0/  Download Tor Browser Bundle, which comes with Tor and a customized Firefox browser
1/  Chrome:  Use these instructions to setup Chrome to use Tor. Another method is here
2/  uTorrent:  This is not recommended by Tor, but some settings are here

The ideal way to use tor, by setting up a proxy, and a client can only and only connect to it.

Can you break Tor, Russia has $100K as an award for you. Well at least that is publicized, maybe FBI has a bigger one to offer, under the covers.


PirateBay launches PirateBrowser (a customized version of Firefox) to circumvent censorship, and improve anonymity!


Google Chrome's Password Storage

Stop storing passwords on Chrome. Looks like the passwords are not encrypted with a master password, and hence visible to anyone with physical access to your system.


Commercial Malware For Linux - Hand of Thief

Hand of Thief Banking Trojan -  Takes Aim at 'Secure' Linux OS


FBI's compromising TOR!
This is going to be a story which has created some commotion in the e-world. Major blow to the anonymity and privacy activists in the internet world!!

So, how does it unravel?

1/  FBI arrests the operator of a Tor-based internet host 'Freedom Hosting', for child porn.
2/  They  inject some javascript in its webpages, to compromise the identities of the users, by sending user's IP, hostname, MAC address to a server in Virginia, USA. Some technical details.
3/  Similarly TorMail and Tor Browser Bundles are compromised
4/  TorProject.org was quick to announce that they are no way related to Freedom Hosting (which of course is true for any open source, volunteer organization)
5/  It is 'suspected' that FBI also runs numerous TOR nodes, which helps them break its anonymity.

An interesting article by Bruce Schneier around Government, security and privacy.

Also must read - How to use Tor


Stealing Google Authentication

Single sign on is a boom - even for the hackers. A hacker shows how to steal authentication token


SSL Broken in 30 Seconds

Some new hotshot presentation at Blackhat. Introducing Breach

Update 28-Nov-14:
A paper on why and how HTTPS has collapsed.

Incident Reporting and Sharing Portal

Verizon launches VERIS
and FBI decides to launch their own


Windows 8 Secure Boot Bypassed!

Not surprisingly there are security flaws in the Windows 8, around the implementation of Secure Boot by a few vendors.


Hacking Cars!

The famous Charlie Miller (on Govt funding) shows how to hack a car. The brakes, the speed, fuel-gauge and everything else! You Tube video here.

Update 01-Aug-2013:
A similar hacker/researcher in UK, has been banned by the court to reveal his findings.


Ubuntu Forums Hacked - 2M Accounts Breached

UbuntuForums has been compromised and led to all the accounts credentials being stolen. The site (thankfully) discloses that the passwords were not stored in plain text, but doesn't mention if best-practices like salting were used. Sputn1k has claimed responsibility.

Update 24-Jul-13:
An email received from Ubuntu:



Security for the paranoid!

We all have 100s of accounts, with multiple passwords. So, how can we ensure user friendliness of a password manager, but from a truly [paranoid] security guy's point of view?

We are heading into a world of cloud computing where trust is going to be a huge issue. It is no longer simply a matter of trusting that the software you buy works as advertised.

India VS RIM

I thought I had blogged about the Government of India and Blackberry's RIM debate. But, I can't find it now. Basically the government is pressurizing for something that does not exist.

Update: 06-Jan-13
RIM gives in and sets up a monitoring facility for the Govt of India.

Update: 12-Jul-13:
Looks like BB/RIM finally gave in to the demands of the Indian Govt. But, earlier didn't they say they do not have access to the encryption keys, so how does this magic happen now?!


Thousands of Club Nintendo accounts compromised

Following the footsteps of the Sony PlayStation hack, accounts of thousands of Nintendo users have been compromised.

99% of Android Devices Vulnerable

Impact:  Every device sold since Android 1.6 (Donut); that is, nearly 900 million device
[Quote] The vulnerability is a code signing flaw. Developer's 'sign' their apps with a cryptographic signature. That way, only the app developer is able to update or modify an existing app, because only the developer has the signature. Bluebox has discovered a way to subvert this. "This vulnerability makes it possible to change an application’s code without affecting the cryptographic signature of the application
Blog from the Bluebox - a new player in the market

Update 17-Jul-13: 
A second similar master-key vulnerability has been discovered.


Data Leakage By Dumb Employees

How do you know, if your users have auto-forward feature enabled on their email systems? Risk here of course being that confidential data of the organization goes out automatically? How do you detect such offenders? It's harder than you would think it would be


Carberp financial malware gets leaked online

Source code for a malware, which originally costs $5000, is up for grabs. Go ahead and tweak your own free malware!

Update 18-Aug-2013:
Here is a link to download it.

A world record attempt at CTF Hacking Contest

An inspirational attempt to get 3000+ security enthusiasts together and play the Capture The Flag hacking game. If successful, they will go down in the Guinness book of world records! Do watch their youtube video

Microsoft announces a bug bounty program

Microsoft, even though late in this game, has finally announced their very own bug bounty program.
More details of how it works, pays at least $500!

Pakistan Goes For Internet Censorship

Looks like Pakistan is on the same route as China, and will start censoring the internet!



Drupal's 1 M user accounts breached!

Quote:  This access was accomplished via third-party software installed on the Drupal.org server infrastructure, and was not the result of a vulnerability within Drupal itself.

Organziation - Data Leakage

Some disturbing statistics on employees using cloud-services to store/review organization's documents.


NSA data snooping!

Unbelievable how much data these guys are spying on!

Did NSA manage to decrypt BlackBerry data as well? RIM has declined for now.

NSA Director talks about this program (named PRISM)

Was Microsoft providing vulnerabilities to NSA?

An upcoming app, which promises to defeat all these govt snooping. Already raised 100K in 36 hours!

How much does it cost the govt to eavesdrop on people? Substantial amount of money actually!

DNI Presenter a tool used by NSA to capture citizen's personal chats and messages!

FBI engaged hackers to deploy malware on Android phones.

XKeyscore – the Front End that Queries the NSA Databases

Update 10-Aug-2013:
NSA 'nicely' asks lavabit and SilentText to shut down. They were instrumental in providing end-to-end encrypted email services.

Update 17-Sep-2013:
Some open source tools to help non-NSA folks, achieve some similar reconnaissance.

Update 19-Sep-2013:
NSA purchased 0-days from Vupen (French security researchers)

Update 28-Sep-2013:
NSA even spied on Indian Embassy and UN

Update 29-Oct-2013:
Firefox launches "Lightbeem"

Update 10-Nov-2013:
Crowd sourcing project to audit TrueCrypt

Update 12-Nov-2013:
Charges against Snowden to be dropped ?!

Update 13-Nov-2013:
Google outraged over NSA's extent of spying on its data centres

Update 08-Dec-2013:
Tracking all Snowden documents

Update 22-Dec-2013:
NSA bribed [for $10m] RSA for keeping a bacdoor in their products!
Not surprisingly RSA declines it.

Update 18-Jan-2014:
Obama announces some reforms

Update 28-Jan14:
How Angry Birds helped NSA

Update 29-Jan-14:
Snowden nominated for Nobel

Update 22-Mar-14:
Google tightens HTTPS protection.

Update 08-May-14:
A few email exchanges between NSA and Google released. Doesn't say much, unlike the hype

Update 17-Oct-15:
How the NSA broke encryption (DH algo).

How secure are passwords?

Arstechnica plans to bruteforce 16K hashed passwords. A non-techie editor breaks 47% of them. One expert breaks 82% in one hour!!


The World of Financial Trojans

A symantec's report  on trojans - I am sure it will be super biased by the business of the creator

Major US Weapons Compromised By Chinese Hackers


"...[T]he cyber threat is serious and... the United States cannot be confident that our critical Information Technology (IT) systems will work under attack from a sophisticated and well-resourced opponent utilizing cyber capabilities in combination with all their military and intelligence capabilities," the public version of the DSB report said. "This conclusion was developed upon several factors, including the success adversaries have had penetrating our networks..."

Two Factor Auth

More companies finally following Google's footsteps and enabling 2FA. Twitter ; Linkedin

Update 09-Aug-2013:
Twitter's state of the art 2FA app


Google gives 7 days to vendors to patch 0-days!

Google gives 7 days to vendors to patch 0-days! Sounds like a tight deadline from Google.

Update 07-Jun-13:
Google increases the bounty for the bugs found on their own systems!

Apple's 2FA Incompetent

Looks like the process around it (not the algo itself) is weak.


Sky news apps defaced!

Update 27-May-2013
Hackers break into Android apps of a Sky News??!!! Looking for some more details here.

Update 28-May-2013
This explains the matter better.


Skype (for)gets end-to-end encryption

There used to be a time when a new (but only) player on the web, had the capability of providing end-to-end (peer-to-peer) encryption. Since Microsoft took it over, looks like privacy is going down the drain.


Pen Testing Tutorials

PenTesterLab.com:  Looks like a place for interesting, hands-on tutorials. Not too many exercises available for now, but got a few good ones like - Linux Server Hardening, Website Vulnerability review, etc.


What do employees think about security?

-  half of sales-focused employees say their job is hindered because they aren’t getting access to all the information they need
-  an alarming 46% avoided the possibility of losing a sales opportunity by bypassing security controls to access necessary sensitive information to get the job done

Full Article


Card Industry's $45M Fraud

We have a new case where the thieves walked away with $45 million!
It's a known fact that the so-called PCI standard is poor and outdated. The question is when will the industry wake up and either create a new baseline standard?
Or maybe this is a good opportunity to fill this gap today and roll out a new standard.
Here's a high level summary of the heist!

Name.com Breached

domain registrar breached, and then forces customers to reset their passwords. Such attacks are always critical, and almost out of the hands of the poor owners of the websites.

India's Cyber Policy

India (finally) works on a cyber security policy/framework. Much needed, but I'm still waiting to see the actual document.

Update 17-Sep-13:
A very good article around India's position for IT Sec and the challenges.


AutoIt Malwares

AutoIt, which is a Windows scrpting language is now popularly being used to create malwares. In fact there is some really good code on Pastebin up for grabs!

IE 8 0-day!!

A new zero day attack, which has already led to an attack on the Department of Labor


Update 07-May:
Anonymous' threat to attack a huge number of American banks today (7th)

Update 13-May:
Looks like the event wasn't a big success. A few low profile hacks is all they got.


Myths of Access Rights Management

A good read

Elements of a successful security awareness program

The 7 elements to make your organization's program a success.

Google Glass Bug!

Okay, we now have a cutting edge tool, to keep humans always 'connected', making sc-fi cyborgs a reality. Anyway, this Google brainchild is now available to a limited set of developers, and one of them has a detailed analysis of it.

The concerns with this new technology are probably more than the benefits for now. Here's one article on it.


AP's Twitter account hacked; false 'Obama injured' tweet sent

Associated Press' twitter account gets hijacked. Intruder posts, "two explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured". The tweet was only visible for a matter of minutes, but the Dow Jones industrial average took a nose dive.

Anyone still thinks, cyberwar is science fiction?

Update 25-Apr-2013:
Some rocket-science theory (for me) that this news did not have that big an impact. However, this theory still confirms there was some impact.

LulzSec leader charged

Wonder if this is the real leader?!! In any case organizations like these are pretty loosely tied together. So the impact to the organization may not be permanent.

Update: 28-May-2014
Subu walks free. Guilty only for the time already serverd

P2P File Sharing

A much needed solution, for peer-2-peer secure sharing. I can already think of a hundred ways how this service is going to be misused!


Home routers contain critical security vulnerabilities

Popular products like the following vulnerable:
Linksys WRT310v2, Netgear's WNDR4700, TP-Link's WR1043N, Verizon's FiOS Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I, D-Link's DIR865L and Belkin's N300, N900 and F5D8236-4 v2 models

Different Types of CISO's

A good sum-up of the three types of CISO's:

  • The non-techie, but business-savvy CISO
  • The technically competent, but less business-articulate CISO
  • The hybrid CISO


Bitcoinica, twice hacked in 2012, is being sued

Update 29-Aug-2012:
This may well be the beginning of the end for Bitcoinica..!

Update 05-Sep-2012:
Hackers stole about US$250,000 from BitFloor, a BitCoin exchange, on Monday, and it does not have the money to reimburse account holders, according to the website's founder.
More technical details here

Update 26-Sep-2012:
Back Online

Update 04-Apr-2013:
Bitcoin under attack again, a DDoS and a DB hack.

Update 13-Apr-2013:
Some explanation around the economics of bitcoin. Seems like the currency has been super volatile recently.

Programmable HID USB Keystroke Dongle

Programmable HID USB Keystroke Dongle
AKA :  Rubber Duck
AKA:  Teensy 

Multiple names, to something small, but an extremely powerful attack:
It's a neat little USB dongle which looks like a thumbdrive that you could surreptitiously install in the back of someone's computer. The Phantom Keystroker acts as a keyboard/mouse USB HID (Human Interface Device) to send keystrokes, move the mouse pointer around randomly, toggle caps lock and other things to annoy your co-workers and loved ones. 
Read what IronGeek has to say, Hak5's version (available under $20 now).

Update 13-Apr-13:
Integrating it with Kali - A super easy tutorial for a powerful tool.

Kali is Here!!

The new, improved Backtrack, called KALI


Malware Deep Dive

InfoWorld's report on malware analysis. As always some scary statistics - the accuracy of which is always doubtful, and biased coming from antivirus companies.

However, there is a good list of pointers for the newbies to stay safe from viruses.

Report is here


Google Upgrades Their DNS to DNSSEC

A recommendable move by Google.

Role of Auditors

Being in a financial organization, makes audits, integrated in the DNA of every IT professional. The audits varies from internal, external, regulatory, statutory, to what not. So, are these of any value?

Personally, I have a lot of respect for the audit function. Especially the IT Security audit. However, I prefer working with auditors who know their jobs, and try and look for real risk, and are not just mechanical bots trained to match documents to their check-lists.

Here is one article that is in-sync to my thoughts.

Evernote Hacked

All the passwords compromised, but luckily they were properly salted.

Spamhaus' website hit by a 300Gbps DDoS

Update 29-Mar-13:
They say this is the biggest DDoS ever!

Update 09-Jul-13:
Some more details on the DNS flaw.

Update 28-Sep-13:
A 16 year old kid arrested for it!

NIST DB Hacked

Malware hits National Institute of Standards and Technology..!!



Bank of America Loses Confidential (?) Data

BOA had some 14 GB of data stored on a public server, which was misconfigured, and anyone could log on to it. With salary details, source code, and what not.


ABC News Hacked

ABC News hacked, for some controversial interview. The hacker publishes the full DB dump, including password hashes. Findings:

  • No salting
  • Weak password used by users.

In short - nothing new.


Good News - Burger King's Twitter Account Hijacked

Burger King's Twitter account get hijacked, and the imposter jokes, saying McDonald's is taking over Burger King.

Anyway, BK is all smiles, this little episode more than doubled its followers..! No publicity is bad publicity.


Email Spoofing

So, I was looking for some good tools to spoof emails. To know what is "email spoofing", please refer to Wikipedia. I tried some popular websites, like:

Both most likely the emails sent from here gets tagged as spam. Recommended is using tools like (built into Bactrack) SET and SendEmail. Challenge of course is finding a good & reliable SMTP server. In the screenshot below, used Gmail's server:

Update: 25-Feb-13
A very good video tutorial to clone a website, and send out spam, using Backtrack's SET


New York Times Hacked by China

Looks like Symantec became overly defensive here.

Update 20-Feb-2012:
NY times, engages  Mandiant (a security firm), who releases a report, that says majority of the hacks in China are state sponsored!! And of course the Govt of China refutes. Full report is here.

Update 22-May-2013:
Attacks are back with a slight modification.


Megaupload Shut Down

Megaupload, a file sharing website has been closed down, and arrested it's founder in a very dramatic style.

Mr. Dotcom (AKA Kim Schmitz) has recruited Robert Bennett (known for defending President Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal).

Not surprisingly, Anonymous started a retaliation attack, hours after the arrest was announced. However, this time their accomplices in the attack were unsuspecting internet users.

Kim is granted bail, with a long list of conditions

A TV interview with Kim Dotcom

Hackers fool Anonymous and their supporters.
Hackers have duped supporters of the Anonymous group into installing the Zeus botnet, which steals confidential information from PCs, including banking usernames and passwords, security researchers said last week.
Not surprisingly Anonymous refutes the claim that there was malware in their DDoS tool.

Google defends Hotfile and Megaupload (indirectly). Of course, goes without saying, the real reason here is Google's own Youtube.

Another update on this battle. Looks like the lawyers are playing their game now.

This is insane, Mr KimDotCom releases a video against the president of the USA

All right people, we now have the new and improved version of megaupload, with a user-side fit-for-army encryption.

Looks like there are some serious security lapses in this new 'security conscience' website. There is a MegaCracker as well to decrypt passwords from the auto-emails sent to the users.

Mega calls all white hats


Hacker Databases

soldierx - Some Info

Operation Last Resort

A new attack by Anonymous, apparently to vengeance the death of Aaron Swartz

Update 11-Feb-13:
Now they attack MIT, but briefly.

Outlook vs Gmail

This is way under the belt..! Microsoft says Google reads all your email (to push ads).

I am not advocating Google, nor do I believe they have the best privacy policy. However, question for Microsoft, if you don't scan emails, how do you filter out spam?


Banks Under Cyber Attack

Operation Ababil
Project Blitzkrieg

Update: 26-Sep-2012:
Looks like a number of banks are under cyber attacks. The reason of the attack (as if hackers need a reason), varies from a controversial Youtube video to Iraq wars, etc.
Wells Fargo
JP Morgan, Citi Bank

Update: 08-Oct-2012:
Banks, especially EU, are gearing up for such attacks. "Cyber Europe 2012" exercise.

Update 09-Oct-2012:
Risk rating went up, as companies gear up for attacks.

Update 20-Oct-2012:
HSBC DDoSed for about one day! For this attack Mrt. Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters take credit on their pastebin page.

Update 22-Oct-2012:
Looks like we have too many parties taking credit for the HSBC attack

Update 31-Jan-2013:
Now the attack has been called off.



A very good article to explain the technical and legal implications of DDoS, using such tools (as LOIC).


Encrypt (almost) anything

A good cheat-sheet article around how to encrypt the usual day-to-day data (emails, USB, hard disks, etc.)

Pwn2Own 2013

All right get set for the most interesting 'capture the flag' battle. This time there is a record $560K on the line, and Google is supportive and one of the funders. This is mostly because, they have flipped back to the previous rules, and not using 2012's rules

Update 29-Jan-2013:
Google stakes Pwnium hacking contest to $3.14M in potential prizes

Update 14-Sep-2013:
Second annual event scheduled in Tokyo, in Nov 2013

Update 14-Nov-2013:
Pinkie Pie breaks Samsung S4 and Chrome!

Nokia's MITM on HTTPS Traffic

A security researcher discovered that Nokia was intercepting encrypted traffic, and decrypting it. Which of course is a major security concern. Nokia has admitted that they do decrypt, but only to improve the performance.

Makes you wonder what is the "right" balance between security and performance? Schneier thinks Nokia's action may become the industry norm.


Another Critical Java Vulnerability

A few days ago, another critical 0-day vulnerability was released on Java.
Troy has an interesting article, if it is possible to survive without Java today - he believes it is possible.


Make DDoS legal!

Anonymous requests President Obama to make DDoS legal. However, doesn't look like their petition is doing too well.


PGP, TrueCrypt-encrypted files CRACKED by £300 tool

Forensic Disk Decryptor attempts to unlock information stored in disks and volumes encrypted by BitLocker, PGP or TrueCrypt.
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Cuckoo Sand Box - Analyse Malware

Malware? Tear it apart, discover its ins and outs and collect actionable threat data. Cuckoo is the leading open source automated malware analysis system.

10,000 Indian government and military emails hacked

Another case of a major govt embarrassment.