Crypto Currencies

Update 14-Feb-16:
Nasdaq is looking to use block-chain technology in main stream!

Update 03-Jun-15:
Vulnerability in BlockChain's Android app. Causes multiple users to generate the same random number, which lead to a loss of the coins for a few users.

Update 01-Jun-15:
Ross Ulbricht, the mastermind behind Silk Road, gets life in prison without parole

Update 07-Apr-15:
Bitcoin Foundation is at the verge of bankruptcy. Fires almost everyone, except the volunteers. However, that been said, I wonder what is this foundation planning on doing to being with.

Update 05-Apr-15:
Dark Coins - how to be truly anonymous!

Update 04-Apr-15:
Two fed-agents charged with stealing BTC during the SilkRoad investigation

Update 24-Jan-15:
Winklevoss twins plan regulated Bitcoin exchange

Update 10-Jan-15:
Bitstamp has been compromised now (which is another exchange), and warns customers to not deposit the digital currency. $ 5M loss!

Update 08-Nov-14:
SilkRoad2 busted, the founder arrested. Biggest ever raid on Tor hits 410 website, and over 17 people arrested.

Update 10-Nov-13:
Silk road [2] is back online, using tor

Update 04-Oct-13:
hacker breaks into a forum of bitcoin, steals the DB and puts it up on sale for 25 BTC! Hackers have no respect, even for their own community.

Update 03-Oct-13:
The ebay of illegal drugs and weapons (Silk Road) was busted by FBI, which not surprisingly was using bitcoins to do it's dirty business. The bust had a negative impact on the value of the currency!
The feds decide to auction the confiscated bitcoins.

Update 14-Aug-13:
Now there is a court order to multiple digital currency operators

Update 26-May-13:
Liberty Reserve taken down, now attention shifts to Perfect Money. BitCoin still remains the leader of course. It's not a secret that that these services are used for illegal activities.

Update 08-Aug-2016:
Hong Kong based Bitfinex loses $72M in bitcoin. This caused the exchange rate of the currency to take a nose-dive. The worse part is that the exchange has decided to spread the loss across all users. Hence everyone loses 36% of their bitcoins, immaterial of weather they were impacted by the heist or not.

Update 21-Aug-2016:
Nation state (China) attacking the core bitcoin ! Will the network be able to cope with this?

Update 18-Jul-2017:
A ICO hacked, CoinDash

Update 29-Jul-2017:
BTC-e founder (?) arrested. This was the exchange where most of the cyber-criminals used to cash out their dirty coins.

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