Pwn2Own Contest 2015

HP TippingPoint's Pwn2Own is back in Mar-2015.
The prize pool for this year's edition is 28% smaller than the record $645,000 of 2014.
The 2015 edition of Pwn2Own will offer cash awards to researchers who demonstrate exploits of previously-unknown vulnerabilities in Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) or Apple's Safari browsers, or the Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash Player browser plug-ins.
Those targets are the same as the last two years, with the exception of Oracle's Java, which was dropped for 2015's contest.
Update 21-Mar-15:  Final results
The final count for vulnerabilities exploited this year stands as follows: five flaws in the Windows OS, four in Internet Explorer 11, three each in Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader, and Flash Player, two in Apple Safari and one in Google Chrome.

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